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Many people struggle with areas of their body, like the abdomen, where fat seems to accumulate and won’t go away, no matter how hard they try. Fortunately, there’s a nonsurgical solution that can help: CoolSculpting Elite.

Let’s take a look at CoolSculpting, how it can help you break through fitness plateaus to get the body you’ve always wanted, and how many treatments you’ll need for a trimmer midsection.

What Is CoolSculpting Elite?

CoolSculpting is a nonsurgical fat reduction treatment that uses controlled cooling to target and freeze fat cells. It’s a popular treatment for patients who want to remove stubborn pockets of fat that are resistant to diet and exercise.

During a CoolSculpting treatment, the device is placed on the targeted area, delivering controlled cooling to the fat cells beneath the skin. The cooling causes the fat cells to crystallize and die, but it doesn’t damage the skin or other tissue.

Immediately after treatment, the provider will massage the treated area to help break up any remaining fat cells and improve the fat elimination process. Over time, the body naturally eliminates dead fat cells through its lymphatic system, reducing fat in the treated area.

What Makes CoolSculpting Different?

CoolSculpting Elite is different from other fat-reduction treatments in several ways:

  • Unlike many other body sculpting treatments, CoolSculpting is a nonsurgical, noninvasive treatment. It doesn’t require incisions, anesthesia, or downtime, making it a popular choice for people who want to avoid the risks and recovery time associated with surgery.
  • CoolSculpting targets specific areas of the body where stubborn pockets of fat may be present, such as the abdomen, flanks, thighs, and chin. This can make the treatment an excellent complement to your weight loss and fitness regimen, which is essential but has a more generalized, less targeted effect on your body.
  • CoolSculpting targets and eliminates fat cells by freezing and destroying them. Your body then naturally eliminates them over time. Other body sculpting treatments, such as liposuction, involve the suctioning and mechanical removal of fat.

You can see some of our patients’ results in the photos below or browse our before-and-after gallery.

Before & After CoolSculpting® Case 145 View #1 View in West Des Moines & Ames, IA
Before & After CoolSculpting
Before & After CoolSculpting® Case 117 View #2 View in West Des Moines & Ames, IA
Before & After CoolSculpting
Before & After CoolSculpting® Case 87 View #1 View in West Des Moines & Ames, IA
Before & After CoolSculpting

How Many CoolSculpting Treatments Are Needed for the Stomach?

The number of CoolSculpting treatments needed for the stomach—or other body areas such as the thighs or arms—depends on the patient and the amount of fat in the area. For some, 1 to 2 treatments per area may be sufficient, while others may need multiple treatments spaced about a month or more apart. In general, patients can expect 20% to 25% of subcutaneous fat reduction in the treatment area.

CoolSculpting isn’t a weight loss solution and is best suited for people who are close to their ideal weight but still have small pockets of stubborn fat remaining.

During your consultation, we’ll answer your questions, evaluate your needs and goals, and recommend a customized treatment plan. The price of a CoolSculpting Elite session begins at $400, and we’ll discuss pricing with you further during your complimentary consultation.

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If you’re interested in learning more about CoolSculpting, call our Des Moines, IA, office today at (515) 277-5555 or request a consultation.

2 Responses to How Many CoolSculpting® Elite Treatments Are Needed for the Stomach Area?

  • John Alfree says:

    I have lost 36 pounds. My waist is approximately 34 inches. I still have a small bulging stomach.
    I have been told it’s visceral fat Can you help with that

    • bbk-admin says:

      We’d be happy to schedule a consultation with you to determine if CoolSculpting Elite is the right treatment for you. Please call the practice at (515) 277-5555 to schedule an appointment.

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