Overcome your fitness plateau with the help of a CoolSculpting treatment in Des Moines Iowa.

Plateaus are a frustrating part of any fitness journey. No matter how much work you put in at the gym, it can seem like certain bulges just won’t shrink, or that the muscle definition you’re working towards just won’t show up. If you’re struggling with this process, nonsurgical fat reduction may be the solution. CoolSculpting at our Des Moines practice helps men and women from the Ames and Ankeny, Iowa, areas break through plateaus and take on their fitness goals with renewed enthusiasm.

In today’s blog post, we’ll take a closer look at how CoolSculpting works and what role it can play in your health journey.

CoolSculpting 101

CoolSculpting is a nonsurgical fat reduction treatment that uses controlled cooling to safely destroy fat cells, which are then gradually eliminated by the body over the course of a month or 2.

The treatment requires little to no downtime and causes a noticeable fat reduction in multiple areas of the body, including the:

  • Abdomen
  • Flanks
  • Thighs
  • Back
  • Area under the buttocks
  • Double chin
  • Arms

Each treatment takes about an hour, and people typically need 1 to 3 sessions to get the desired results, depending on their goals.


The Spot-Treating Advantage

One major benefit of CoolSculpting is that it allows you to spot-treat specific areas, something exercise alone can’t typically accomplish. Everyone accumulates fat in different regions of the body, according to genetic predisposition. While eating healthy and working out can slim down your silhouette overall, stubborn spots may still persist and cause frustrating bumps or bulges.

While it’s not a weight loss solution, CoolSculpting allows you to target defined areas, helping you shrink down these pockets without adjusting your existing fitness routine. Liposuction is also helpful in this regard, but CoolSculpting offers the advantage of no required recovery time, meaning you won’t have to take a break from the gym to reap the benefits.

Fitness Motivation

Many men and women find CoolSculpting to be a powerful motivator that helps them break through feelings of frustration and take their fitness goals to the next level. It’s common to feel a sense of satisfaction and renewed enthusiasm when you finally see the body you’ve been working for taking shape.

Additionally, CoolSculpting results last for as long as you are able to maintain a stable weight. For many, this serves as an incentive to stay committed to a healthy lifestyle over time.

Reveal Your Hard Work

Even when you dedicate time and effort to building muscle and sculpting your figure, fat deposits can cover up your results. It’s not uncommon for people to tone their ab muscles enough to have a 6 pack, but to only end up with a minimally sculpted abdomen due to layers of fat in the area concealing these muscles.

CoolSculpting isn’t designed to create the illusion of a toned body; it simply reduces stubborn fat deposits to reveal the work you’ve already put in. It may be the finishing touch you need to help your appearance reflect your hard-earned fitness accomplishments.

To see examples of the results you can expect, please visit our before-and-after photo gallery.

If you would like to learn more about CoolSculpting at our Des Moines practice, please contact us using the online form or call (515) 277-5555 to request a consultation.

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