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Choosing a skilled and qualified plastic surgeon is important, but it can be even more important when you are having the procedure performed on your face. Your face is your identity to the world. And unlike the rest of your body, your face is rarely covered, so it is extra important to pick your surgeon wisely. Here at Koch Facial Plastic Surgery, we try to be the best plastic surgeons in Des Moines, Iowa, and we offer this guide to help you find the right surgeon, whether your search is for a local physician or one located across the country.

Verify Board-Certification

One of the most important things you can do is confirm your surgeon is certified by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and specializes in facial plastic surgery. Being board-certified means that your surgeon:

  • Completed 6 years of surgical training—3 years of clinical surgical training and 3 years of plastic surgery residency
  • Passed a series of oral and written exams required by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons
  • Has undertaken comprehensive testing and continuing education requirements to maintain certification
  • Only operates in accredited facilities
  • Follows a strict code of ethics

Although a doctor’s credentials do not guarantee that you’ll achieve your desired results, it should give you peace of mind to know your surgeon has the proper education, experience, and ethics to perform the procedure you’re seeking.

It also is a good idea to choose a plastic surgeon who specializes in facial treatments and procedures. Dr. Brenton Koch and I, Dr. Cody Koch, are the only 2 plastic and reconstructive surgeons in our area who focus exclusively on facial procedures. Additionally, we are in the top 1% of Allergan (the maker of BOTOX® Cosmetic) providers nationwide for the volume of injectables we perform, which means we rank in the top 250 practices out of 40,000 in the country.

Read Real Patient Reviews

Patients often get recommendations from friends and family, but not everyone knows someone who has undergone a cosmetic procedure. In this case, it is a good idea to read patient reviews of various surgeons and their practices. Though online reviews can sometimes be misleading, they can also be a helpful way to get more information from an individual who has already completed a procedure with the surgeon you’re considering.

Check out some of our patient testimonials.

View Before-and-After Photos

Before-and-after photos should be a vital part of your research. Photos are a valuable way to get an idea of your potential results with a specific surgeon. Make sure to look at photos of patients who have facial features that are similar to yours. Doing this will provide you with a more accurate depiction of your cosmetic surgery possibilities.

Visit our photo gallery.

Go With Your Gut

Your intuition is valid. Of course, you are going to be nervous about your procedure regardless of the surgeon you choose, but there is a difference between nerves and lack of trust. If you are not comfortable with your surgeon, find someone else.

Your surgeon should be positive, yet honest. If you feel pressured or unsure about certain things he or she is saying, do not feel like you are tied to the doctor. Additionally, do not hesitate to ask questions or express your concerns—good communication is essential to achieve the results you envision.

If you want to learn more about our practice and what makes us premier facial plastic surgeons, request a consultation online or call our office at (515) 277-5555.

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  • Cherie says:

    Always do your homework ask about the surgeon see what his peers and patient say, then make your decision. Love love my surgeon he is an artist who takes great care of his patients ❤️

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