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Can you really change the shape of your nose without surgery? It is indeed possible, and liquid rhinoplasty has become increasingly popular with patients who aren’t sure if they want to make permanent changes to the appearance of their noses.

Some patients think of a liquid nose job as a “test drive” before deciding on rhinoplasty. But other patients are content with returning for periodic treatments that maintain the new look of their noses without ever undergoing surgery.

If you’re thinking about nonsurgical rhinoplasty—called liquid rhinoplasty because the changes are accomplished with injections of dermal fillers—continue reading to learn more about this innovative treatment and the benefits it offers.

What Are the Benefits (and Limits) of a Liquid Nose Job?

If you’ve always been self-conscious about the shape of your nose but aren’t sure that surgery is the correct solution, can liquid rhinoplasty be what you need? It’s certainly possible. Before making a decision, consider the following factors:

A liquid nose job costs less than surgical rhinoplasty. The cost of surgical rhinoplasty compared to a liquid nose job is thousands of dollars more. That’s not the full story, of course. Cosmetic nose surgery creates results that are essentially permanent because the procedure changes the nasal structures. In contrast, the changes produced by liquid rhinoplasty require patients to return periodically for maintenance treatments.

Nonsurgical rhinoplasty can reshape the nose. Patients are often amazed at the changes that nonsurgical rhinoplasty can accomplish, as you can see in the before-and-after photos showing our actual patients. Those results show that liquid rhinoplasty can effectively camouflage imperfections such as dorsal humps and droopy nasal tips. On the other hand, if you want to reduce the size of your nose, a non-surgical approach isn’t for you because fillers re-contour the nose by strategically adding volume.

When Is Surgical Rhinoplasty a Better Option?

What about if you have trouble breathing through your nose? Some rhinoplasty patients have trouble breathing because of nasal obstructions. The only way to correct those issues is with surgery, such as septoplasty.

Even though a nonsurgical rhinoplasty sounds less complicated than surgery, it’s still very important to find providers who are experienced in this procedure. This expertise is vital because complications involving fillers injected in the nose can pose significant risks. Choosing a provider with extensive experience and intimate knowledge of facial anatomy can significantly lower the chance of complications.

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