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Wedding and special event season is upon us. And whether you’re part of the happy couple or a guest, you want to look your best. With many weddings, reunions, and graduations happening online this summer, the pressure to put your best face forward is even stronger. Luckily, you can freshen your look and smooth away wrinkles with BOTOX Cosmetic before a wedding or special event in Des Moines.

The Basics of BOTOX

More than 7 million BOTOX injections are delivered each year in the U.S., making BOTOX the most popular nonsurgical cosmetic treatment in the country. I demonstrate what you can expect during a BOTOX treatment in this short Instagram video:

Choosing a “Liquid Facelift”

You may have heard about a “liquid facelift,” the combination of nonsurgical procedures that help you rejuvenate your appearance without downtime, anesthesia, or incisions. A liquid facelift is a good option when you want to refresh your look, but you only have a few weeks before a big event.

Usually, a liquid facelift uses dermal fillers and BOTOX to address facial aging, helping to plump up hollowed cheeks and sunken areas under the eye, erase wrinkles, and give your brow or lips a little lift.

How Much is a Liquid Facelift?

BOTOX costs $11.95 per unit, and the number of units you need will depend on your goals and unique physiology. Generally speaking, though, smoothing out forehead lines usually requires 5 to 25 units, easing glabellar lines takes 20 to 25 units, and injections to reduce the appearance of crow’s feet use 5 to 15 units. You can read more about the overall price of BOTOX in a related blog post.

Even when you add in dermal filler prices, a liquid facelift generally costs much less than a traditional surgical facelift since there are no operating room or anesthesia expenses involved. Of course, your liquid facelift results will last only a few months, while surgical facelift results last for years.

And since there’s no significant downtime required with a BOTOX and dermal filler liquid facelift, you can schedule your treatment within a few weeks of your special event.

If you’re curious about whether BOTOX and dermal fillers are right for you, check out our patients’ before-and-after photos to see the types of results we achieve.

We’re always happy to answer your questions and talk with you about your own personal rejuvenation goals. Use our online form to request a consultation, or call us at (515) 277-5555.

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