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It’s natural to want to find specials when looking for cosmetic treatments, but keep in mind the old saying: If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. That’s especially true for BOTOX® Cosmetic. Online coupons offering cut-rate BOTOX treatments should be eyed warily. Inexperienced injectors without adequate training can’t ensure safety and quality results.

Because BOTOX is so popular, people sometimes assume that it doesn’t take much training to perform injections. That’s not true. Injecting BOTOX requires extensive training and knowledge of facial anatomy to ensure patient safety and natural-looking results. That’s why bargain shopping for BOTOX or any other medical procedure may not be in your best interest.

How Much Does BOTOX Cost?

Comparing prices at different practices can be confusing because there isn’t a standard pricing structure for BOTOX injections. Some med spas and cosmetic surgery practices charge by the treatment area. Most qualified and experienced injectors, however, charge per unit of BOTOX used. Because each patient is unique, one person may require two or three times as many units to treat a specific area compared to another person.

BOTOX patients generally can expect to pay about $500 to $600 per treatment. The cost of BOTOX per unit at our practice starts at about $13. BOTOX results last about 3 to 4 months, so patients need to plan on getting injections about that frequently to maintain their results.

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BOTOX Before and After
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BOTOX Before and After

BOTOX vs. Other Neuromodulators

The days when BOTOX was the only option for treating crow’s feet, worry lines, and forehead wrinkles are long gone. Several competitors, including Jeuveau® and DAXXIFY®, now give you more price options. We offer both Jeuveau and DAXXIFY at our practice.

DAXXIFY and Jeuveau are also priced per unit, and the cost per procedure varies depending on the number of units used.

Jeuveau vs BOTOX Price

The cost of Jeuveau ranges from $12 to $17 per unit, making it comparable to BOTOX. As with BOTOX, the number of units you need to treat a specific area may differ from someone else’s treatment. The longevity of results also matters when considering price because of the frequency of touch-up treatments. Some physicians believe Jeuveau is more potent than BOTOX and may last up to a month longer.


Comparing the costs of DAXXIFY and BOTOX is more complicated than with other neuromodulators. That’s because DAXXIFY results last up to 6 months. The price per unit for DAXXIFY is higher than a unit of BOTOX, but the annual cost of treatment may be roughly equal.

For example, say you spend $400 on BOTOX injections 4 times a year. The annual cost is $1,600. Someone who spends $600 for DAXXIFY treatments every 6 months pays $1,200 for the year. These are hypothetical prices, but they give you a general understanding of why DAXXIFY may be moderately more cost-effective over time.

Treatment Area Costs

As we mentioned, the treatment area is one factor that influences the cost of BOTOX and other neuromodulator injections. BOTOX is versatile and can be used in multiple areas besides around the eyes, such as the chin, jaw, and neck.

The number of units needed in some of the most popular treatment areas include:

Forehead: Horizontal forehead wrinkles need around 10 to 30 units.

Jawline: It can take 40 to 60 units to relax the masseter muscle in the jaw.

Crow’s feet: These lines at the corners of the eyes take about 5 to 15 units.

Frown lines (the “11s”): Roughly 10 to 25 units are needed to erase these vertical lines between the eyes.

Choose an Expert Injector

Having an experienced, highly trained injector perform BOTOX treatments is definitely worth the cost. You should research injectors just as you would do your due diligence in choosing a plastic surgeon. Our injection specialist, Pam Banyas, is a certified physician assistant with more than a decade of experience in clinical and surgical aesthetic medicine. Few injectors in Iowa can match her expertise with BOTOX and dermal fillers. She creates custom treatment plans for each of her patients, which is one of the reasons our patients return time and again.

If you’ve had BOTOX injections elsewhere or are thinking about getting them for the first time, a personal consultation is the first step. You can use the online form to request a consultation or call us at (515) 277-5555 to schedule an appointment at Koch Facial Plastic Surgery & Spa.

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