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Facelifts (or as we prefer to call them, “cheek and neck lifts”) have the power to restore the vitality and glow of years past. The results are dramatic, but, as seen in our before & after photos, still sensitive to patients’ natural face shape and beauty. Facelifts can turn back the hands of time (often by a decade or more)—but they can’t stop the aging process completely.

Whether you are reveling in your newly rejuvenated appearance or still envisioning your transformation, you’re probably wondering the same thing: how long does a facelift last, and how can I make my facelift results last longer?

The great news is that when performed by a board-certified plastic surgeon, facelifts generally yield long-lasting results. Conservatively speaking, we can expect patients to enjoy their initial, post-surgery appearance for at least five years, provided that they continue to observe a healthy lifestyle and maintain a consistent skincare regimen. Age and genetic factors will also come into play here, with younger patients likely to experience even greater longevity due to higher skin elasticity.

How To Make a Facelift Last Longer

In addition to the usual prescriptions to wear your broad-spectrum sunscreen daily, eat well, stay active, and keep hydrated, there are several non-surgical “top-up” treatments that can keep your jawline defined and cheekbones sculpted for years to come.

Liquid Facelifts

As discussed in a related blog post, liquid facelifts combine neuromodulators and dermal fillers to rejuvenate the face and neck. When it comes to facelifts and fillers, products like JUVEDERM® can add volume to the cheeks and lips, while injectables like BOTOX® can relax the muscles of the face (particularly around the eyes and forehead) in a complementary approach.

Since facelifts (cheek/neck lifts) only target the lower two-thirds of the face, BOTOX and facelifts can go hand-in-hand by revitalizing the entire facial area, though some patients may also opt for a brow lift and/or eyelid surgery with their facelift.

Laser Skin Resurfacing

Our practice offers three types of laser skin resurfacing to target skin damage and encourage new cell growth: BBL® Laser, HALO® Laser, and MicroLaserPeel®. A facelift and laser skin resurfacing regimen can enhance your skin’s tone, texture, and quality post-recovery while simultaneously safeguarding against future wrinkles.


A noninvasive, non-abrasive treatment, microneedling leverages the body’s natural healing response to promote collagen growth for firmer, younger-looking skin. Fast-rotating microneedles stimulate the skin with (INTRAcel® RF) or without (SkinPen®) the addition of radio frequency energy.


Lastly, clinical exfoliating treatments can range from chemical peels, which remove the superficial layers of the skin to surface the newer, healthier skin beneath, to dermaplaning, which sloughs off dead skin and addresses fine lines, acne scars, and hyperpigmentation.

We’re Here if You Need Us

Although facelifts can’t halt the passage of time, they can help you age gracefully with long-lasting, powerful results. If you are interested in getting a facelift or exploring post-recovery options, please contact our office using our online form or by calling us at (515) 277-5555.   

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