Woman in Des Moines, IA who is going to save on BOTOX® Cosmetic Day because she joined Allē

BOTOX® Cosmetic Day at our West Des Moines practice is an opportunity to do something for YOU. It’s a celebration of real results and one really incredible offer from our friends at Allergan Aesthetics!  

To take advantage of this special BOTOX offer, you need to be a member of Allē — the new and improved loyalty program by Allergan Aesthetics. You can read more about the differences between Brilliant Distinctions®, the previous program, and Allē, Allergan’s new loyalty program, below. 

First things first, though: 

Join Allē now—then unlock the offer at 

BotoxCosmeticDay.alle.com when it goes live on November 18! 

What’s the difference between Allē and Brilliant Distinctions®? 

Brilliant Distinctions® has helped millions of people save money on aesthetic treatments and products for years, but all good things must come to an end . . . and be replaced with something even more brilliant. 

Allē, the new and improved loyalty program by Allergan Aesthetics, is your premier aesthetics loyalty program with easy access to your points, quick checkout, and new ways to rack up savings—meaning you’ll save more money than ever before on some of your favorite treatments, including CoolSculpting® and JUVÉDERM®

What about my Brilliant Distinctions points? 

When you upgrade to Allē, you’ll see your Brilliant Distinctions® rewards go away. Don’t worry: They’ve all been converted into points, your currency on Allē where 100 points is the equivalent of $10. So, if you had a $50 reward in Brilliant Distinctions®, it will be replaced with 500 points in Allē. 

How do I cash in my Allē points? 

To make things simple, you no longer need to convert your points into rewards coupons to redeem. Just let us know when you check out how many points you want to use for instant savings. Points can be used in increments of 100, and you can apply as many points as you’d like, up to the total cost of your transaction. 

Can I still earn points even if I don’t exclusively use Allergan products?

Yes! With Allē, you can also earn points on over 40 products and treatments from other brands. (With Brilliant Distinctions®, you only earned points on Allergan Aesthetics brands.) Watch your points pile up, then redeem them on any Allergan Aesthetics product or treatment. To view the full list of the products and treatments you can earn on, click here

Allē Points Last Longer 

Points are valid for 12 months after they were earned (with Brilliant Distinctions®, you only had 9 months). Plus, every time you earn on an Allē treatment, the points in your Wallet get extended for another year (even those that are just about to expire!). 

#BotoxCosmeticDay is just around the corner for all our friends in the Cedar Rapids and Des Moines area! Get signed up at www.botoxcosmeticday.alle.com and keep your eyes peeled for the exclusive offer on November 18! 

Ready to revitalize your look for the holidays? We also offer other savings on skincare treatments and products throughout November. Read more about our specials in a related blog post. You can request a consultation using our online form or call us at  (515) 277-5555 to schedule an appointment.

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